We provide a comprehensive and professional Fiscal Representation service using our team of lawyers and accountants, either to Non Resident property owners, or to expats who has moved residency to our country and became Fiscal Residents.

At QML Tax & Legal Consulting we will provide you with a professional and comprehensive Fiscal service. Our experts can help with Residents and Non Residents fiscal representation.

As a Spanish property owner there are many legal obligations. This is also applicable if you are self-employed or run a company.  These areas require professional advice to avoid unnecessary fines and potential property seizure by the Spanish Inland Revenue.

To avoid problems with the various legal obligations of being a property owner, business owner or self-employed, our professionals can offer advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and unnecessary fines up to and including property seizure.

Our fiscal representation includes:

  • Calculating your taxes, completing the tax forms subject to your tax status and submitting to the Spanish Inland Revenue.
  • Communicating with the Spanish Inland Revenue and acting on your behalf.
  • Keeping you informed and answering your queries.
  • Using our firm as your retaining solicitor in Spain.
  • Using our office address as Registered Office (RO) for the Spanish Inland Revenue and local Council. As many of these forms and local taxes have fines attached to them for late submission by having our address as the RO we guarantee to meet deadlines and thereby prevent fines being incurred

We offer a special package for a very competitive price which includes all of the above.

Our service offers the following:

Calculation of taxes, completion of tax forms and submission

Acting as your fiscal representatives in all communication and contact with the Spanish Inland revenue

Having all communication sent to our offices. We would act as your registered office and therefore you never have to worry about late submission and fines again.

Maintaining contact to keep you up to date with your tax affairs

“Clear and concise advice with a sympathetic approach”