NIE & Residencia


We are experts in helping our clients obtain their NIE’s (Numero Identificación Extranjeros) and their Residence (Residencia) permits.

If you plan on owning property in Spain you will need an NIE number whether or not you decide to become a permanent resident in Spain. An NIE is an Identification and Tax number and is used on all fiscal transactions. If you want to buy a work vehicle or be connected to any type of service (Electric, Water, Internet) you need an NIE. Regardless of the points above it is mandatory for all foreigners with financial, social or any type of professional affairs in Spain to have one.

We can guide you through the process.


Anyone who is planning on being in Spain for 183 days or more (6 months) within any year needs to apply for their Residencia.

Depending on your fiscal or economic status depends on the paperwork that needs to be supplied to apply.

Basic requirements are:

  • ID documents from your country of birth,
  • Proof you have sufficient financial means to support yourself (and any dependents)
  • Medical cover

We can help you with the requirements whether you are retiring to Spain, looking for job or plan to work for yourself.

If you work in Spain you will pay taxes and social security on your wages / earnings which will give you the right to register with a Doctor and access to the National Healthcare System.

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