Tourist Licence

Rental Properties in Spain (Tourist Licence)

If you own a property in Spain and wish to receive rental income from it, you must have a tourist licence. A tourist licence proves to prospective clients that your property is legally registered and conforms to the standards as laid out by the Spanish government.

To obtain a tourist licence for your property, you must apply to the communidad autonomo (county) where the property is situated. The law is intended to protect both owners and clients.

The rental property must conform to certain standards such as disabled access, sufficient accoutrements for the number of places, fire safety, liability insurance etc.

The application process is quite straight forward. A form must be submitted to the local tourist board with information about the rental property, number of bedrooms, number of bathroom etc. An inspection visit is then scheduled so that the information given within the application form can be checked by the inspectors.

Once the property has been inspected and passed, each property needs to display a ‘Tourist Licence’. We can help you obtain the ‘plaque’ to display.

The owner or agent has a responsibility to register each guest over the age of 16yrs with the local authorities (Police). This includes basic details about each guest plus passport number, country of origin and expiry date. There are several ways of registering guests, online, by post or at the local police station.

As with a lot of these things a payment (Tasa) is required to cover administration costs. The amount of the payment depends on the number of beds within the property.


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