Our Legal Services

The list below includes some of the services we can offer our clients:

  • NIE Numbers
  • Residencias
  • Social Security Nº
  • Driving Licences – change of name, change of country
  • Car Purchase / Importation
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Tourist Licences
  • Conveyancing
  • Autonomo – Registration and Taxes
  • Non Resident Taxes
  • Resident Taxes


We can help you with all aspects regarding applying for your NIE, from making the initial appointment to ensuring the Tasa is paid and your paperwork is correct.


We are experts in helping our European neighbours become Spanish Residents. We are happy to undertake the entire process with input from our clients only needed on the day of the appointment at the Foreigners office. Applicants must provide a finger print which is taken at the time of the appointment so must appear in person on the day.

Paperwork required for Residencia

  • NIE – If you have one otherwise it will be issued on the day
  • Proof of Income – Work contract or Pensions or income of over 800€ pcm
  • S1 Form or Proof of Health Insurance (if not working in Spain)
  • Passport
  • Photos (passport size)


 We have years of experience with many satisfied customers

“Clear and concise advice with a sympathetic approach”