Conveyancing Purchase

When you have found the perfect property we can help make sure it’s a trouble and stress free purchasing process.

We are an independent local legal service, with registered lawyers and multi-skilled staff, fluent in English and Spanish.

We deal with the vendor/s and lawyers for drafting a private contract to secure your purchase and to agree terms and conditions in compliance with Spanish Law.

It is common practice for the buyer to hand over a deposit to the seller in order to formalise the conveyance. We always recommend that before handing over any money at as a reservation fee you speak to your lawyer first. In your home country you would not consider handing over money, normally several thousand euros, to purchase anything without paperwork to back it up.

We also ensure the deposit is lodged safely with the vendor´s lawyer or another safe party involved in the purchase.

All the aspects and details of the purchase must be included in the sale / purchase contract (contrato de compra venta), which is signed by both parties before the new title deed is raised and Notarised.

All of our client’s rights must be clearly protected within the contract. As standard it should read that the purchaser will lose his deposit in the case of nonfulfillment of the agreed conditions, or if the seller is found to be non-compliant they will have to return double the deposit to the purchaser as a guarantee of the fulfilment of the contract.

As standard we review the current title deeds to see if any and all building works are included and that they were constructed with the appropriate planning licences ensuring you are purchasing a legal property. We also check to make sure there are no debts or charges levied against the property.

We are here to ensure your property purchase is legal, simple and safe.

«Clear and concise advice with a sympathetic approach»


Conveyancing Sale

When you sell your property we can help you through the conveyancing process. We can also offer assistance to help reduce your Capital Gains Tax liability (if possible).

We will help you when selling your property throughout all the conveyancing process and assess you on all the tax matters to reduce your tax liability on Capital Gains Tax.

We are an independent local legal service, with registered lawyers and multi-skilled staff, fluent in English and Spanish.

Our stress free conveyancing service offers the following:

  • Checking that all the paperwork is in order prior to the sale
  • Negotiate the conditions and terms on the selling contract to be signed with the purchaser’s lawyer, to secure your sale according to the Spanish Law.
  • Arranging a power of attorney to let us complete the sale of your property, without you needing to be present.
  • Organise money transfers after completion and cancel bank accounts left opened in Spain.
  • We ensure all contracts and debits are changed into the purchaser’s name.
  • We will calculate the tax liability for capital gains tax. We are experts in all matters tax related, and will assist you in calculating, completing and submitting your capital gains tax return. We can also assist non-resident vendors to claim back the 3% retention which was withheld at the Notary, if a property is sold at a loss.

«Clear and concise advice with a sympathetic approach»